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Birthday Parties

Step right up and prepare for an unforgettable circus adventure! At Vulcana Circus, we specialize in hosting private circus class parties that bring the magic of circus to your special day. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or simply seeking a unique and fun activity for any occasion, our circus parties are tailored to suit all ages and skill levels, from young kids to the young-at-heart.

During our circus parties, participants will have the opportunity to delve into the exciting world of circus tricks and skills. Under the guidance of our experienced coaches, party-goers will try their hand at a range of thrilling activities, including juggling, acrobatics, aerial arts, balancing acts, and much more. Our dedicated team will customize the circus activities to match the theme and preferences of your event.

We offer two fantastic options for hosting your circus party. Our fully equipped Vulcana Studio venue, located in Morningside, is the ideal setting for an immersive circus experience which can include aerial activities such as trapeze. Alternatively, if you prefer the party to come to you, we are more than happy to pack up our gear and bring the excitement to your backyard for a ground-based skill set such as juggling and hula hoops.

Our incredible trainers will supply the coaching expertise needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. From specialized circus equipment to expert guidance, we’ll provide everything necessary to make your circus party spectacular.

The Nitty Gritty

Access to the Vulcana space is available 30 mins before workshop start time
Must be packed up and exit by 30 mins after workshop time
Note: Party hirers must clean up after themselves and take all rubbish with them or an additional cleaning fee may apply
Email for further information
Get in touch to talk about your upcoming birthday now! We will supply the coaching expertise and circus equipment to make it happen.