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Learn Circus

Vulcana delivers a range of workshops throughout the year, from beginner through to advanced levels in aerials, hula hoops, juggling, partner/group acrobatics (balancing on each other), handstands, flexibility, fitness, performance classes and more. Classes are available for adults who identify as women, trans, and non-binary genders, and Kids and Teens of all genders. We encourage you to attend our classes no matter what your fitness level. Students are very varied in age and fitness level, starting at age 5, with many adults in their 20’s and 30’s and we have some students in their 50’s and beyond! 

Our classes provide a great alternative to traditional exercise in that you can work at your own level and you will have so much fun you don’t notice you are exercising! If you have concerns about your fitness or have specific needs please talk to us about what class is best for you, we strongly value inclusivity and want you to have the best experience possible


Circus classes for all levels from newbie to advanced


Circus classes for kids & teens aged 2-17 years

Holiday Programs

Speciality circus workshop programs for adults and kids


Private or small group coaching available in a range of circus disciplines

Custom workshops

Tailored workshops for schools, community groups and corporate events

Open Training

Self directed training open to Vulcana students and the broader circus community for

NDIS and Arts Access

Circus classes and workshops for people who experience disability

Performance Outcomes

The students in our classes have the opportunity to present in the student showcase or take part in Act Lab, a creative development class at the end of the year, where they learn how to work towards a creative performance outcome. In addition, Vulcana supports students who choose to take the next step to further their circus career with their own creative projects. Visit the Create Circus page to learn more about Vulcana’s performances and opportunities.