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End of Year Showcase

Every year, at the end of the year, all Vulcademy and Vulcana Kids and Teens students can present their skills in an annual Showcase in the Vulcana Arts Hub. Students within each class will work together to find a fun or entertaining or dramatic way to present their circus to an audience of family and friends. It is a celebratory event that encourages everyone to participate at whatever skill level you are at (there is no obligation to participate, everything at Vulcana is “challenge by choice”). It encourages students to present their circus creatively, using music, costume, props and of course their favourite circus apparatus.

Dates and details of each year’s Showcase will be announced in Term 4 of each year. Details are publicised through our mailing list.

Showcases form part of Vulcana’s pathway to performance. The experience of participating can lead students to pursue other performance making opportunities that Vulcana offers regularly.