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Circus Connections 2016 – 2018

    Circus Connections & Circus Futures and Histories

    Both these projects were delivered in partnership with Junction Park State School and TriCare Aged Care facility Annerley, to create intergenerational community projects. 

    In 2016 Circus Futures and Histories invited the local Annerley Library and the local Annerley-Stephens History Group to contribute the project. And in 2018 this partnership was expanded to invite the local RSL chapter to participate in launching the project and concluding the project with a public presentation in the local Annerley arcade of an extraordinary parade of animal characters. 

    In both projects the school identified students-at-risk who would benefit from this playful project that built trust, confidence, and coordination through circus. The partnership with TriCare created a wonderful dimension to this experience for students as bringing young people and older people together expands everyone’s idea of what a community can be. 

    In 2016 the project culminated in the creation of a document that is held in the Annerley Library and in 2018 one of the outcomes of the project was a beautiful animation made from sketches drawn during the circus sessions by animator, Ashleigh Djokic.